Special Sets Added to Jam Cruise 13

Part of what makes Jam Cruise so special is the opportunity to witness rare and unique sets from some of our favorite artists. Jam Cruise will these feature sets from both...

Bass Mafia
David Murphy and Marc Brownstein have a lot in common. They both founded and developed the two biggest electronic Jambands in the country, simultaneously creating a new genre. In the subsequent 14 years, the two visionary bass played have traversed the globe, bringing the youth a new groove. 

In the last few years, both "Murph" and "Brownie", as they are affectionately known by their legions of fans, have continued to push their musical careers in every direction possible. Both have found time to spin the decks and get the dance floors moving, and now they bring their DJ skills together, creating the Bass Mafia, a group of bass players (Ryan Stasik is also a founding member of the Bass Mafia crew, and will be onstage in one role or another) using a new medium to get venues ready and leave them sweaty. 

Magic Gravy
What seems to happen every time we get members of ALO & The Motet on board together? The SAUCE thickens and some real Magic Gravy is made. This hard-hitting, jazz-rooted, psychedelic improvisational trio lays down the grooves in ways that can’t be described... only seen for yourself!