Third Theme Night, Piano Sets, Jam Room Hosts and Activities Announced!

Some very fun and exciting news on the Jam Cruise front! To start, our third Theme Night will be The Underwater World of Jamcousteau. Come celebrate the lost world of underwater civilizations as we get funky with some aquatic costumes and get-ups. We've also announced the artists performing Piano Sets in the Atrium, who include: Joel Cummins, Kelly Finnigan, Peter Levin, Aron Magner with Tom Hamilton, and Ivan Neville. The Jam Room is where legendary musical moments are born and with this year's hosts being Will Bernard, Eric Bolivar, Adam Deitch, Nigel Hall and George Porter Jr., you can expect that tradition to continue on Jam Cruise 12. We are also happy to welcome aboard Chris Kuroda once again as the resident Lighting Designer. Lastly, we've announced a boatload of activities happening onboard, sure to include something for everyone!