Jam Cruise 14 Chefs at Sea Announced!

A diverse lineup of culinary masters will be joining us on the ship to serve up and curate special late night buffets!

Jam Cruise 14 Announces Music Schedule!

Time to start planning our days and nights on the ship, the Jam Cruise 14 music schedule is here!

Jam Room Hosts, Atrium Piano Sets, and 2 More Theme Nights Announced!

The Jam Cruise 14 experience comes together even more as details regarding the Jam Room, Atrium Sets, and Theme Nights have been revealed...

Labor Day Sail in Jam Cruise Online Merch Store - 50% off!

Jam Cruise is celebrating Labor Day weekend by offering 50% off all items (except posters) in the online merch store!

Jam Cruise Brews at Sea and Official Craft Beer Partners Announced!

Jam Cruise is proud to welcome Lagunitas Brewing Company and Breckenridge Brewery as official craft beer partners as well as a an impressive list of participating breweries to round out Jam Cruise 14's Brews at Sea program!

First Jam Cruise 14 Theme Night: Level Up!

Time to start planning, the first announced theme night for Jam Cruise 14 is here!

5 More Special Guests Added to Jam Cruise 14 Lineup!

The more, the merrier! Jam Cruise is happy to welcome even more special guests to the Jam Cruise 14 lineup.

Jam Cruise 14 Jazz Lounge Hosts Announced!

Jam Cruise 14 will once again feature 5 unique nights of music featuring 5 different hosts in the intimate and open Jazz Lounge.

More Special Guests Added to the Jam Cruise 14 Lineup!

The more the merrier! The Jam Cruise 14 lineup gets even better with the addition of some new special guests as well as the announcement of Guest Masters in this year's Masters Camp at Sea program.

Jam Cruise 14 Cabins On Sale Now!

Cabins are officially on sale for our January 2016 sailing. Book yours now and lock in your plans for the ultimate music adventure at sea!