Lead Passenger

  • This is the person that creates the reservation and is the “owner”.
  • They are responsible for making sure the reservation is in good financial standing.
  • This is the only person that can make changes to the names on a reservation. It is the Lead’s responsibility to make sure that all the guests are properly added.
  • The Lead Passenger is the only person who can cancel a reservation.
  • Changes to the Lead Passenger are subject to a fee according to the Name Change Schedule.


  • Have everyone create a Cloud 9 Account if they don’t already have one.
  • Add your cabinmate when booking by entering their name and email address.
  • Guests can be added or changed until November 25, 2019. Fees may apply.
  • Guest Additions and Name Changes are only complimentary through August 6th. Fees WILL increase the longer you wait to add your guest.
  • Single occupancy cabins ARE NOT available, however we do offer a Cruisin’ Solo program if you wish to be paired with other solo travelers.

Cruisin’ Solo

The Cruisin’ Solo program allows you to book a single spot in a cabin and have the remaining spots assigned to other solo passengers.

  • Cruisin’ Solo is limited to certain cabin categories.
  • You are only responsible for your per person rate of the cabin (plus port fee).
  • Your cabinmates will be random and of the same gender – there are no co-ed cabins allowed.
  • You will get confirmation emails as people are added to your cabin that will have their name and email address so you can reach out before we set sail.
  • Reservations must be made over the phone. Call the Travel Team to book your spot!

Bring Your Family

Bring your children to experience the magic of Jam Cruise! Contact the Travel Team to add children to your reservation. Rates are based on the age the child will be at the time of the event, not at the time of booking.

  • Ages 2 and under: $299 Kid Event Fee
  • Ages 3-10: child receives 25% off the per person rate
  • Ages 11 and up: considered adults and are the full per person rate
  • Be sure your children are attending before adding them as it is a non-refundable purchase.