Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

1. What is a Cloud 9 Account & why do I need one?

2. What is a Pre-book Token?

3. When can I make a reservation if I didn’t purchase a Pre-book?

4. Where do I go to book my cabin?

5. Am I able change my cabin type?

6. Can I bring my kids?

7. I am traveling alone, are there any single occupancy rates available?

8. Are reservations transferable?

9. What if I can no longer attend?

10. What methods of payment are accepted?

11. How do I make a payment?

12. Can I still participate in automatic billing if I don’t have a Credit Card?

13. Does Jam Cruise automatically charge my credit card on the payment due dates?

1. What time will the music be playing?

2. How many shows will each band be playing?

3. Are we allowed to decorate our cabin doors onboard the ship?

4. Is there a dress code on the ship?

5. In addition to the shows, will there be any activities?

6. When will the music schedule be available?

7. When will merchandise go on sale?

8. Will merchandise be available after the event ends?

9. How can I participate with Positive Legacy?

10. What is a Carbon Offset?

1. What is included with my fare?

2. What is not included in my fare?

3. How many meals are included each day?

4. Will vegetarian, vegan, & gluten-free options be available?

5. What will I need money for once onboard?

6. Are there ATMs onboard?

7. Is there WiFi on the ship?

8. What different amenities can I enjoy on the ship?

9. What can we do when we get off the ship?

10. Can I watch television or movies in my cabin?

11. Are hair dryers provided?

12. In case of an emergency, how can I be contacted on the ship?

1. What documents do I need?

2. What is an MSC Account?

3. Is airfare included in the cost of the cabin?

4. When do we board the ship?

5. What time do we return?

6. When should I schedule my departing flights?

7. Where can I stay if I will be in Miami before or after the event?

8. How do I get to and from PortMiami?

9. How far is PortMiami from Miami International Airport?

10. Will there be wheelchairs available on board and at port?

11. Can we bring our own alcohol on the ship?

12. How many pieces of luggage can I bring?

13. What should I pack?

14. What should I not pack?

15. Can I bring my camera?

16. Zika, should I be worried?

17. What is travel insurance and why is it beneficial?

18. If I have full financial responsibility, does my insurance policy cover the entire cost of the reservation?

19. If I do a name change, does my insurance policy transfer to the new guest?

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