The Jam Cruise experience encompasses activities, theme nights, and a variety of special programs that make our adventure at sea truly unique! There is always something exciting happening onboard, in every corner of the ship.


The Jam Cruise schedule is packed with nearly around the clock music and a ton of activities to keep the afternoons filled with fun and excitement. From testing your poker face to the annual autograph signing, there’s always a little something for everyone.

Theme Nights

Theme Nights are a Jam Cruise tradition & an opportunity for Cruisers to unleash their creativity. Themes have included everything from Orange Night to Party Animals, Cirque du Funk to Green Eggs and Jam, and almost everything in between!

Chefs At Sea

Jam Cruise brings a lineup of eclectic and exciting artists to the ship, and that same ideology is brought to the Chefs at Sea program! Late night buffets are curated by professional chefs from around the country, all with different backgrounds. Each chef brings their unique talents and vision to the kitchen, offering something new and exciting each night!

Brews At Sea

Nothing like some tasty brews to compliment a good show! The Brews at Sea program continues to unite beer and music lovers from across the country. From their Pool Deck headquarters where a rotating lineup of beers were served, to various activities such as Cruiser-favorite Brews at Sea Fest, this onboard program continues to get better each year.

Wellness at Sea

The Wellness At Sea program offered two yoga classes each day with a live soundtracks provided by incredible artists plus additional self-care and mindfulness programming. Workshop and class discussions included topics like sound healing, nutrition, aromatherapy, and so much more.

Masters Camp At Sea

We were thrilled to welcome back the beloved Masters Camp At Sea program onboard Jam Cruise 18. By hosting daily workshops and jam sessions, the  experience strives to remove the barrier between fan and artist. Masters Camp At Sea gives fans the change to learn directly from music legends.