Jam Cruise Loyalty Program

Over the years, Jam Cruise has built a remarkable community from around the globe. We recognize that our cruisers are the heart and soul of our musical adventure and we reward them in pure Jam Cruise fashion. From Repeat Offender gifts, to the Lifer Concierge and onboard Referral Credit, our cruisers are the most important part of this amazing journey at sea.

Repeat Offenders

After four years of sailing on Jam Cruise you can finally rock the coveted robe and call yourself a true Repeat Offender. Enjoy better cabin selection times, the Repeat Offender Party, and a new gift each year. Make sure to stop by Cloud 9 Central to say hello and pick up your gift!


On your ninth cruise you are initiated as a Jam Cruise Lifer and gifted a customized luggage tag plaque from all the years you have sailed. When boarding your tenth cruise you can enjoy the perks of the Lifer Concierge! From Priority Boarding and special Merch hours to your very own concierge, Lifers are treated as true Jam Cruise Royalty.

Referral Program

Jam Cruise knows that our passengers are our greatest asset when it comes to spreading the word. Tell your friends about Jam Cruise and be rewarded with $50 cash for each new cruiser who sails aboard Jam Cruise 18!

How does the referral program work?

  • You receive a $50 referral gift for each NEW Jam Cruiser referred by you
  • There is no limit to the number of new passengers you can refer
  • You have to be a returning cruiser and both parties need to sail on Jam Cruise 18
  • The person you are referring cannot be in your cabin, they have to be in a separate cabin
  • Your name MUST be entered by the new cruiser at the time of booking – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • All referral gifts MUST be picked up onboard or be forfeited – NO EXCEPTIONS