Wellness At Sea

Jam Cruise’s popular onboard Yoga program is transforming in 2020 and growing into “Wellness At Sea”. This new program will include additional workshops, classes, and discussions that focus on self-care, mindfulness, and energy work.

Learn about everything from Chinese medicine to sound healing techniques or join us for a sunset stretch session as we sail away from port. Where else can you do yoga to a live soundtrack by your favorite artists amidst the open ocean?!

Check out our Jam Cruise 18 Wellness At Sea classes and learn more about the instructors below.

Wellness Meetup & Intention Setting

Join us at the Garden Pool on Embarkation Day for a Welcome Happy Hour. Meet the Wellness At Sea instructors and get a sense of what’s ahead. We’ll talk about gratitude, journaling & setting your intention for an amazing Jam Cruise 18 sailing.

Morning Stretch

Stretch your body from head to toe, standing, seated, and every which way to make you feel ready to launch into our beautiful private island day! Lisa Shanken, certified trainer and yoga instructor, will help you feel limber as you start your day on the sand.

Spirit Animal Meditation

Join us on the beach as Maggie Wilson lead us all to connect with our highest selves. Start by drawing a card from our Spirit Animal Tarot deck then join in on a guided meditation. Close your eyes and listen as Maggie takes you in to yourself and through a forest where you’ll find an animal that has a message, insight, or other advice for you based on the card you drew.

Power Fitness Class with Hash

Hit the gym with Hash for a 30 minute power workout and see how he stays fit while at home and on the road.

Ba Duan Jin with Karl Denson

Promote longevity, youth, energy and health with the master of the Tiny Universe, Karl D! This centering was developed by the ancient Chinese (dating back to Circa 1000!) was passed down for thousands of years as a way to recenter and realign the invisible forces of life. Learn and practice as Karl D shines a light on this ancient energy centering exercise, and balance your Chi for the long nights ahead.

Nutrition Workshop – 8 Tips For A Healthy Gut > Healthy Body > Healthy Brain

Your gut is responsible for keeping the rest of your body healthy. Join Lisa Shanken, Certified Health Coach and specialist in the gut-brain axis, and Scotty Zwang (Ghost Light) for a workshop about how the gut is the body’s second brain. She’ll share tips on how to optimize the health of your gut, which can help you fight off illness, make you feel energized, and improve your mood!

Learning the Basics About Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

For thousands of years, people of the East have used Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to maintain health and Longevity. In this discussion we will explore the vast benefits of Chinese Medicine and Herbology, the power of Acupuncture (and the difference between Dry Needling & Acupunture), the benefits of Cupping and Gua Sha, moxibustion, and other traditional modalities.

Aromatherapy Workshop

Join us as we learn the essentials of Aromatherapy with Essential Oils 101. Learn how emotions are the key to unlocking our wellbeing. You will learn how to clear emotional patterning and replace it with beneficial programming using therapeutic grade essential oils. You will also learn how to reduce stress, pain, and nausea, to put the body in a state of optimal performance.

Intro To Reiki 101

Whether you are a novice or long time practitioner, join us aboard to receive Reiki and learn about how healers open the palm chakras to channel energy. To start the class, our group will connect through setting an intention. This intention will be felt through each person on their own. Then, join us in holding hands or eye gazing so you can can channel the energy to and from the person next to you and feel the intention gaining momentum.

Tarot Reading

This easy-going workshop teaches you how to read your own tarot with a variety of cards laid out. We’ll talk about the symbolism that comes into each card and how the brain communicates through symbols on a regular basis. You choose the card as we discuss the images, elements, symbols, and guides displayed.

Gong Meditation with Mike Dillon

Heal, rejuvenate, and revitalize when you come into this gong meditation. Maggie will teach the basics of Kundalini from Yogi Bhajan to learn how the mind can come to a state of clarity and neutrality where you can start to understand the limitless possibilities of its’ own potential. When the gong is played, anything that is in the mind-body that is not useful or not serving the body’s acceleration and expansion or enjoyment will be cleared out. This is an extremely powerful way to put the mind and body into deep meditative space. The gong sound will bring the mind to it’s most positive point to be at it’s most productive and efficient. It will help your body to go to its’ optimum state of strength where healing and vitality can be activated, released, and enhanced.

The 5 Elements of Spiritual & Emotional Health

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese Taoists discovered there is an Elegant Harmony between the 5 elements of nature and their interplay with humanity. In this discussion we will explore the elegant relationship between humans and nature, and how our spiritual and emotional health can be improved by finding the natural balance in our every day lives.

Letting Go With The Flow (Hoop Workshop)

Letting Go With The Flow: Find freedom in expression and comfortable joy through flow arts. Reap the benefits of movement meditation and don’t be afraid to “drop your prop”. Multi-level and beginner friendly. Feel relaxed and refreshed to flow into wherever your day takes you next!

Guided Meditation at Sea

Join us for some peace and stillness in the midst of the party. You just may hear the music more vividly with a little silence in between. Jenna Bee will guide you through a basic, breath-centric meditation experience. No experience required.

Taoist Meditation

Taoism is an ancient philosophy based on the principles of nature. Come learn the basics of Taoist Meditation – find connection with nature, the universe, and your inner spirit; become more centered and focused in your daily life; deepen your ability to connect your inner spirit and with nature; and learn to relieve stress and let go of toxic emotions.

Daily Yoga Classes – 12pm & 5pm

All Terrain Yoga With Jenna Bee

All Terrain Yoga at Sea is an all levels yoga experience, co-created with your favorite Jam Cruise artists. We’ll breathe and move with the music, and the waves of the sea. Class sequences are designed to help you cultivate strength and relaxation to make the most of Jam Cruise 18.

Day 2 @ 12pm with Lebo • Day 2 @ 5pm with Roosevelt Collier • Day 3 @ 12pm with Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers • Day 3 @ 5pm with Leo Pellegrino (Too Many Zooz)

Power Yoga With Lisa Shanken

Feel invigorated for your day ahead with Lisa Shanken’s power yoga class. Twist, bend, and balance in a challenging vinyasa class to help you detoxify and cleanse with an open heart as she leads you through the flow.

Day 4 @ 12pm with Maddy O’Neal • Day 5 @ 12pm with Thumpasaurus

Baptiste Yoga With Jessie Gulliver

Baptiste Yoga is a form of Hot Power Yoga, developed by Baron Baptiste, that focuses on asana (postures), meditation and self inquiry. The practice was designed for All Levels, but it is vigorous practice which focuses more on building body strength led with breath. The Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic combination of strength, sweat and spirituality… it is meant to be challenging and cleanse your mind, body and soul!

Day 4 @ 5pm with Brock Butler

Restorative Yoga With Jenna Bee

Breath and flow into your final day at sea. Join us for a slow flow designed to recharge your energy. We will share moments of stillness together, accompanied by the music of Ryan Montbleau. Experience the layers of your own embodied experience as you experience the poetry of Ryan’s music.

Day 5 @ 5pm with Ryan Montbleau

Meet Our JC18 Wellness Instructors

Jenna Bee

Jenna Bee is the founder of All Terrain Yoga in Boulder, CO. She’ll be back on Jam Cruise for the fourth time, offering yoga and meditation to help you stay energized and get the most out of your cruise. Her Integrated Vinyasa (TM) classes will focus on keeping you grounded and balanced at sea. Each class will feature a live soundtrack from a different Jam Cruise artist, making each class a fun, unique experience!

Maggie Wilson

Maggie is a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound & Crystal Healer, and Metaphysical Guide. Her workshops have been featured at numerous retreats and events across the world. Maggie specializes in merging the mystical and the physical worlds by utilizing tools of Psychology, Quantum Physics, and ancient healing techniques passed down to her throughout her decade of teaching and brings her experience & knowledge onboard JC18.

Lisa Shanken

Lisa Shanken joins us from Boulder, CO where she leads group fitness classes at Boulder recreation centers in addition to running her private practice, Tri-Wellness. Lisa is no stranger to the festival scene, having led wellness programs at Camp Bisco & Peach Music Festival. A certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Teacher, you will see Lisa leading everything from nutrition-related workshops to yoga classes.

Todd Plymale-Mallory

Todd is an Acupuncturist and Physician of Chinese Medicine, Master Body Mechanic, Performance and Life Coach. He relocated to Boulder, CO in the fall of 2011 bringing 30+ years of experience in the cycling, fitness, and health industries to the Front Range. Finding an elegant harmony in his clinical practice between Western Science & the Mind/Body/Spirit perspective of the East, you will find Todd leading Chinese Medicine workshops, guiding Taoist meditations, and grooving on the dance floor.

Jessie Gulliver

While not native to Savannah, Jessie discovered Tybee Island about 25 years ago and stayed. She picked up Stand Up Paddleboarding, started practicing yoga and was able to find a common thread – SUPY. Now Jessie has been leading SUP Tours for 8 years, SUP Yoga for 5 years, Baptiste Power Instructor for 2 years, and teaching yoga for 5 years with a mission in yoga & in life to BE COMMUNITY. Join Jessie onboard for Baptiste Power yoga with Brock Butler and rev up your practice!

Karl Denson

Singer and saxophonist Karl Denson fronts the Tiny Universe and serves as the touring saxophonist with The Rolling Stones, while continuing to hold down his role as a founding member of The Greyboy Allstars… All while staying grounded. His energy and spirit are contagious while his songwriting serves a larger message of fellowship – across generations, genders, religions and cultures. Join Karl Denson for his annual Ba Duan Jin classes as we cruise the open seas.

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith aka “Wildflower” is a Tampa, Florida based performance artist and instructor. From picking up a hula hoop ten years ago in Live Oak, to traveling the country passionately sharing the flow state practice and benefits with others. Most often found fire dancing, this wildflower also flies with Aerial Dragons Studios in Ybor City. Join Wildflower for a hoop workshop on the private island of Ocean Cay.

Ashish “Hash” Vyas

Ashish Vyas is a bassist and artist who’s eclectic musical taste has guided him on his sonic adventures. His influences and interests have taken him from improvisational, avant-garde music to post-punk rock to exotic, world sounds and rhythms to electro-pop… Currently he is recording and performing with electronic, world music, downtempo pioneers THIEVERY CORPORATION; and on the other end of the spectrum in post-punk rock outfit TIME is FIRE.