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Getting Started – What is a Cloud 9 Account & why do I need one?

  • Cloud 9 Account is your personal profile, a hub for all your Cloud 9 reservations, and a place to manage your current trip.
  • You will need a Cloud 9 Account in order to book a reservation. Everyone attending will need a Cloud 9 Account in order to be officially added to the reservation, make payments, and check in to the event.
  • You can manage your reservation by making payments, adding or changing your guest(s), and so much more through your account.
  • You will also find tons of information about your reservation with instructions and details on changing / adding guests, purchasing travel insurance, and the Event’s Terms & Conditions.

How do I book a Cabin?

  • You can book a reservation by logging into your Cloud 9 Account or by clicking the “BOOK NOW” button on this website.
  • One person in the cabin will book the reservation and be considered the “Lead Guest.” There are cabins available for occupancies of 1, 2, 3, or 4 adults.
  • Find a cabin type you want, but have 1 or 2 backup choices in mind in case your first choice is sold out.
  • Everyone (including children) will need a Cloud 9 Account. Register now to save time.
  • During the booking process, you can include your guest(s) name and note any special requests.

What is the Referral Program?

If there’s one thing Jam Cruisers love, it’s introducing new people to Jam Cruise! Tell your friends about JC and be rewarded for each new cruiser who sails aboard Jam Cruise 21 with cold. hard. CASH. Learn more about the Referral Program and spread the word!

Payment Plan

How much does it cost to make a reservation?

  • Packages are priced per person and in USD.
  • A $250 non-refundable deposit ($500 if booking a Category 13 or above cabin) per person is required to reserve a cabin.
    • This deposit goes towards the total cost of your reservation.
  • Initial deposits must be paid by Credit Card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can I split the cost with my roommate?

  • At the time of booking, there will be an option to have 100% financial responsibility or split the financial responsibility with your guest(s).
  • If splitting financial responsibility, the Lead Guest will first need to pay their deposit to make the reservation.
  • Following immediately after, the additional guest(s) of the reservation will need to log into their Cloud 9 Account(s) to supply the remaining deposit(s) to confirm the reservation.
    • Deposits must be paid within 24 hours or the reservation is subject to cancellation.
  • Financial responsibility can also be split after the reservation is booked by contacting the Travel Team via email.

Are there any advantages to paying in full?

There is a Pay in Full discount to the first 150 cabins paid in full at the time of booking.

What are the payment plan options?

You can either pay in full or enroll in our automatic monthly payment plan. You will have seven monthly payments processed on the 19th of each month starting in June 2024 and ending in December 2024.

  • A one-time $35 payment plan fee will  be added to your initial deposit payment for joining the payment plan.
  • If we do not receive your payment after the 48 hour grace period, you will be assessed a $35 declined payment fee.
  • Initial deposits and subsequent payments must be paid by Credit Card.

Reservation Add Ons

What is Travel Insurance and why should I get it?

We strongly suggest guests purchase travel insurance – either in conjunction with your booking or from another provider. If we have learned anything in the past couple of years, it’s that you never know what can happen. It’s important to be prepared for anything. Protect your investment and get peace of mind by purchasing travel insurance.

We have partnered with IMG (International Medical Group) to offer three Travel Insurance plan options. Click below to compare the different policies and get quotes.  You purchase your policy directly with IMG, any corrections or changes must be directed to them within 10 days of your policy purchase.  Please be sure to read your policy as soon as you receive it by email.

You can add insurance to your reservation at the time of booking or later on, but keep in mind you MUST purchase a plan within 20 days of your initial deposit if you want Cancel For Any Reason coverage, if you have a pre-existing condition, or if you want cancellation because of work to be covered.

What is Masters Camp at Sea?

  • Masters Camp at Sea is a highly interactive experience, bridging the gap between artists and audience by offering the unique opportunity to spend quality time with the masters.
  • Masters Camp at Sea was specifically created for those who want to be immersed in a musical experience that dissolves all barriers and opens door to go “Beyond Backstage!”
  • This program is designed for musicians and non-musicians alike, featuring intimate performances, master classes, and artist hosted jam sessions.
  • Masters Camp at Sea passes are available as an add-on during the cabin booking process.
  • All rates are per person & do not include a Jam Cruise cabin.
  • Masters Camp at Sea passes are $499/pp, must be paid in full and are non-refundable. For more info, please click HERE.

What is included with a Masters Camp at Sea pass?

  • Artist Sessions: Collaboration and direct Instruction with Masters Camp All-Stars and special guests
  • Jam sessions hosted by Masters Camp At Sea Artists
  • Private performances
  • Participant Open Mics with full backline provided
  • Daily Happy Hours provided by Brews at Sea

Can I bring a guest with me to Masters Camp at Sea?

Yes! You can add a guest by purchasing an All Access + Guest Pass, which allows your guest to enjoy a plethora of perks too!

  • All Access + Guest Passes grant access for one guest to all performances, Master Classes, and activities, but do not include participation in jam sessions.
  • All Masters Camp at Sea and Guest Passes must be paid in full at the time of booking and are non-refundable.
  • Guest Passes are NOT transferable.

Can I bring my kids?

Of course! Jam Cruise is an all ages event, so bring the entire family to experience the magic! Contact the Travel Team to add children to your reservation. Rates are based on the child’s age at the time we set sail, not at the time of booking.

How much does Jam Cruise cost for children?

  • Ages 2 and under: $299
  • Ages 3-10: child receives 25% off the per person rate
  • Ages 11 and up: considered adults and are the full per person rate.
  • Be sure your children are attending before adding them as it is a non-refundable purchase.

What is a Carbon Offset?

  • By purchasing a Carbon Offset you are offsetting the emissions from your personal travel to the event (your carbon footprint).
  • Carbon Offsets purchased through Jam Cruise support Trees, Water & People and offer not only an opportunity to reduce your environmental impact, but to also curb deforestation rates, improve the health of families, and support our efforts to protect and conserve natural resources in Central America and Haiti.
  • Add Carbon Offsets when you book or through your Cloud 9 Account at any time.

Reservation Policies

What if I can no longer attend?

  • You have the option to cancel your reservation or transfer it to another person.
  • If you choose to sell your cabin reservation, it is your responsibility to find a buyer and sort out the finances.
  • Log into your Cloud 9 Account for details on how to transfer or cancel your reservation.

How do I add or change my guest?

  • The Lead Guest is the only person on the reservation that can initiate changes, such as adding a guest or making a name change.
  • To replace a guest or add a name on the reservation, the Lead Guest must contact the Travel Team.
  • Please have everyone in your reservation create their own Cloud 9 Account.

What are the fees to add or change a name on my reservation?

Change the Lead Guest:

  • $150 fee through November 20th
  • $225 fee from November 21st – January 6th, 2025

Add or Change Guest Name(s):

  • Complimentary through October 1st
  • $125 fee from October 2nd – November 20th
  • $225 fee from November 21st – January 6th, 2o25

Starting January 7th, 2025 no name changes will be accepted.

The cabin type I wanted sold out…now what?

  • Sign into your Cloud 9 Account to indicate a cabin preference on the Upgrade Form by selecting the Travel Info button.
  • The Travel Team will contact you if anything becomes available between now and the event.
  • Should an upgrade become available, you will be required to pay the cost difference between cabin types.
  • Please note, we do not allow for any cabin downgrades; however, you can upgrade your cabin if there is availability.

What is the Pre-book cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations received before May 21st at 11:59pm ET are subject to a $50 administrative fee as outlined in the Terms & Conditions of your Pre-book purchase.
  • Starting May 22nd, Jam Cruise 21 Pre-books are non-refundable.

What is the cabin cancellation policy?

  • All deposits and payments for Jam Cruise cabins are non-refundable.
  • The Event HIGHLY recommends that all guests purchase Travel Insurance that includes Cancel for Any Reason coverage.
  • Cancellations are only accepted from the Lead Guest with the understanding that the entire reservation will be cancelled.
  • If one person in your reservation needs to cancel or will not be attending, please contact the Travel Team to let them know and to receive instructions if you are filing an insurance claim.
  • All cancellations must be submitted in writing by completing the Cancellation Form located in your Cloud 9 Account.
  • You are also able to transfer your reservation to another person, per the name change guidelines above.
  • View the Event’s Terms & Conditions HERE .

What is the Covid policy?

  • At this time, we are not requiring masks, vaccinations, or a negative test to attend. If you wish to wear a mask, by all means! If you want to practice social distancing, there is space aboard for everyone to spread out and dance comfortably. We understand that attendees will have differing health concerns and comfort levels, so it is up to each guest to do what they need to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable time at the event.
  • Please note, the need for preventative health measures (e.g. proof of negative COVID-19 test, vaccination, or masks) is subject to change and may become required for this event. Details on any changes to necessary measures will be communicated as early as possible on the event website and via email to all booked guests.

Travel FAQ

What travel documents do I need to board the ship?

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative allows U.S. citizens sailing on cruises that begin and end in the same U.S. port to travel with one of the following documents:

  • Valid U.S. Passport valid 6 months beyond Jam Cruise 21 dates
  • Passport Card
  • Original copy of a state issued Birth Certificate. If your Birth Certificate has footprints on it, it will not be accepted (these are hospital issued certificates) and government photo I.D.
  • If you are a recent U.S. citizen and have not yet received your U.S. Passport, you will need to bring your original Certificate of Naturalization.
  • Original Green Card (no copies)
  • If you are traveling on a Student Visa, you should not book Jam Cruise at the end of your Visa. If you are at the end of your Visa, you must provide written proof of employment or risk being left on shore!
  • * If you are not a U.S. Citizen, call U.S. Immigrations at 1-800-375-5283 for guidelines on acquiring the proper identification for your nationality.

Please note that the name on your ticket must match the name on your identification. If you are recently married or have undergone a name change, be sure to bring along supporting documentation. Contact the Travel Team to update the name on your reservation.

Failure to possess the required travel documents may prevent you from being able to travel; in such event, no refunds shall be provided to you.

If you have questions regarding your travel documents, you should contact Customs and Border Protection.

Pro Tip: Take a photo of your state issued Birth Certificate on your phone. It must be clearly legible & you must be able to see the borders so it looks like a copy when printed. This way if anything happens to your Passport, you will have a copy of your Birth Certificate.

Is airfare included in the trip cost?

  • No. All guests are responsible for booking their own airfare.

What airport should I fly into?

South Florida has a couple of airport options that are commutable to the Port of Miami.

  • Miami International Airport (MIA) is the closest airport

How far is PortMiami from the airports?

  • Miami Airport (MIA) is about 9 miles away (around 15-20 mins).
  • Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) is about 27 miles away (around 40 mins).
  • West Palm Beach Airport (PBI) is about 71 miles away (around 80+ mins).

When and where do we get on the ship?

  • Jam Cruise 21 departs from PortMiami located in Miami, FL
  • Check-in will begin at 11:00 AM EST on February 14th, 2025.
  • Check-in will close at 4:00 PM EST.
  • You MUST be on the ship no later than 4:00 PM EST or risk being denied boarding.
  • We set sail at 6:00 PM ESTNO EXCEPTIONS!

Members of my party are arriving later than me, can we board at different times?

  • Absolutely! Everyone checks in individually, so you can check in and board at separate times.

When and where do we get off the ship?

  • Jam Cruise 21 returns to PortMiami on February 19, 2025.
  • Disembarkation is scheduled to begin at 7:00 AM on February 19, 2025.
  • When booking a return flight out of Miami, MSC recommends choosing one that depart after 12:30 PM EST.
  • If flying from Fort Lauderdale, MSC recommends flights that take off after 1:30 PM EST.
  • Book at your own discretion – Jam Cruise LLC and MSC Cruise Line are not responsible for any missed flights.

What should I pack?

Passport • Sunglasses • Hat • Sunscreen & Aloe • Bug Spray • Reusable Bottle/Cup/Straw • Rain Gear • Warm Clothes • Swimsuit • Pool Float • Ear Plugs • Sea-Bands or Dramamine • Costumes for our Theme Nights!

What should I NOT pack?

  • No illegal substances, weapons, drones, or pets.
  • The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and all laws pertaining to drug use must be respected.

Can I bring my camera?

  • You may bring any kind of camera to the event to shoot your vacation; however, professional camera equipment for filming and photography during the shows is prohibited.
  • Drones are banned from the event.

Do I need an electrical converter?

  • No. All cabins have the same 120V plug-in as standard in the United States.

Do I need to bring cash?

  •  Purchases aboard will be made with your cruise card. If you would like to have cash for our port stops, packing a few dollars will save you time searching for an ATM at our port stops. Additionally for a fee, MSC Guest Services can disperse cash to you via charging the card on account.

What if I have accessibility needs?

  • If you need accommodations with specific ADA amenities in the cabin (toilet height, bed height, door widths, roll in shower, etc.), please reach out to our Accessibility Coordinator as far in advance as possible.
  • If you have mobility issues but do not need a roll in shower, please indicate your issue in your medical notes and reach out to the Accessibility Coordinator as far in advance as possible.
  • Please contact the Accessibility Coordinator with any questions or concerns.
  • Wheelchairs, scooters, and amphibious chairs (with larger tires that can traverse sand and are water friendly) can be rented and delivered to the port through Special Needs At Sea.

Are there any additional fees?

  • There is a $310 Port fee.
  • If you are utilizing the payment plan, there is $35 fee.
  • All taxes and fees are included at the time of booking, with exception of the potential fuel surcharge.

Potential Fuel Surcharge

  • MSC reserves the right to charge a fuel supplement charge in the instance that MSC implements such a charge fleet-wide.
  • The charge will not exceed US $30.00 per person, per day.

Ship FAQ

Are food and drinks included?

  • Your package includes meals in the main buffet and select restaurants where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night bites.
  • There are also up-charge dining options available at specialty restaurants onboard.
  • Non-carbonated beverages (water, non-speciality coffee, tea, juices, etc.) are included.
  • Drink tickets are available for purchase to use for wine, beer, and cocktails onboard.

Is there a dress code on the ship?

  • There is no dress code, but shirts and shoes are required in all dining areas.
  • Jam Cruise will feature different theme nights, so you’ll want to pack a special costume for those too!

Will vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options be available?

  • Vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options will be available at all meals.
  • You should tell the host of the restaurant and they will let your waiter know.
  • If you haven’t already, update the Dietary Request section of “Your Profile” in your Cloud 9 Account.

What are some of the Divina’s amenities?

Full Service Spa & Salon • Casino • Water Slide • Specialty Restaurants & Buffet • Multiple Bars, Lounges & Pop-Up Bars • Fully Equipped Fitness Center • Multipurpose sports court (Basketball, Tennis & Soccer)

How do I make a spa appointment?

  • Reserve spa appointments by calling or stopping by the Spa once you board the ship.

Is there WiFi on the ship?

  • Disconnecting is highly encouraged, however wireless access is available throughout the ship.
  • You can purchase an Internet package on your mobile device, laptop, or tablet once you board.
  • Rates will be available once on the ship.

Is there a Lost and Found?

  • Lost & Found is located at the Help Deck in the on Deck 5.
  • If you leave something behind on the ship, email MSC at [email protected]

What in-cabin amenities are there?

Interactive TV • Electronic Safe  •  Telephone • Hair Dryer  • Complimentary Hair and Body Wash • Vanity Area

Where can I keep my valuables?

  • Every cabin on the ship has an electronic safe.
  • We strongly suggest placing your passport, wallet, cash, and any other valuables inside as soon as you arrive onboard.
  • The event is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Are there any medical facilities on board?

  • In case of emergency, call the Front Desk.
  • A registered nurse with regular office hours is onboard.
  • In the event of a medical emergency, a qualified medical doctor is on call 24 hours a day.
  • Guests with any pertinent medical information or specific medication needs are asked to notify us in advance.
  • Event Safety is also available 24 hours a day with a variety of staff, including EMTs licensed in the US.

In case of an emergency back home, how can I be contacted onboard?

  • You will have the ability to add WiFi to stay connected during your trip. iMessage and WhatsApp are both great ways for your family and friends to stay in touch while you are away.
  • The Cloud 9 Team can be reached via email at [email protected] and we will try to help communicate.

Experience FAQ

What is the Jam Cruise 21 itinerary?

  • February 14: Embarkation in Miami, Florida
  • February 15: Day At Sea
  • February 16: Cozumel
  • February 17: Belize
  • February 18: Day At Sea
  • February 19: Disembarkation in Miami, Florida

When and where is all the music happening?

  • As in Jam Cruise tradition, music will kick off with a sail away party on the first day of the cruise, continuing nearly until dawn. Once Jam Cruise is at sea, music begins daily around 1:00 PM on the pool deck and essentially goes around the clock.
  • There are multiple stages – and you never know where a surprise set will pop up!

Is there assigned seating at the shows?

  • There is no assigned seating at any venue, but there are some open seating options available in certain venues.

When will the music schedule be released?

  • The schedule will be posted a few weeks before the event, so stay tuned!

How many shows does each band play?

With the infamous Jam Cruise sit-in’s and revolving jam sessions, you never know exactly how many times your favorite musicians will perform!

  • Most bands onboard will be performing two scheduled shows.
  • Bands with an (*) will only be performing one show.

In addition to the shows, what else can I expect?

  • Fill your days with fun activities and connect with other fans – and the artists too!
  • Theme nights are a great way to express yourself and get creative during your trip.
  • Be on the look out for more info regarding Jam Cruise 21’s activities and theme nights coming soon!

Will any off-site excursions be available?

  • Yes, there will be excursion options available for purchase onboard.

How can I make my trip more impactful?

  • Our nonprofit partner Positive Legacy is committed to integrating live music and service.
  • Leave a Positive Legacy by taking actions that positively impact the communities we visit.
  • There will be different ways to participate during the event – including charity auctions, and a day of service, and more!
  • Keep an eye out for info as we get closer to our trip.

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