Color War

A summer camp classic is coming to the ship this year. Each deck will embrace their own color and battle it out all day long for this epic Color War! We want to see everyone showing off their deck spirit from head to toe – so bust out your knee high socks, wigs, and face paint. If you’re not feeling just one color, why not embrace them all?! Ready, set, Color War!

Deck 5 – Red | Deck 8 – Orange | Deck 9 – Yellow | Deck 10 – Green

Deck 11 – Blue | Deck 12 – Purple | Deck 13 – Pink | Yacht Club – Silver

Voodoo Night

We’re bringing the spirit and folklore of the Big Easy to the Caribbean to celebrate in true Jam Cruise fashion! Pull out all the stops and get ready to boogie woogie all over the Divina. Break out your hats, feathers, and voodoo tricks to channel your inner priestess. Or, keep it funky and take a trip down Frenchmen with style and swagger. No matter what you choose… Laissez les bons temps rouler!

All Toons On Deck

Don’t change that channel! Jam Cruise is always full of characters but things are about to get a little Looney with a call for All Toons On Deck! Whether you were a Nickelodeon kid or grew up with the Muppets on Sesame Street, now’s the time to bring your favorite character to life for a night of nostalgia and good fun.