Garden Party

Calling all creatures from the bees to the trees. Bring the garden to life and dress as your favorite flora, fauna, or fruit! This night calls for colorful gowns, printed suits, and big hats. Get creative as a sunkissed sunflower or organize your crew as a guild of gnomes… the… Read More

TV Characters

Gather ‘round the TV set, Jam Cruisers. These last few years have marked the rise of bingeworthy series and ‘oh my god have you seen..’ conversations. Now’s your chance to bring your favorite characters to life. From Beverly Hillbillies to Beverly Hill 90210, Tiger King to Stranger Things, Game of… Read More

Zebra Night

This year’s color night is a tribute to Jam Cruise’s history. We shared some epic times in the Zebra Lounge back in the day and now, we are bringing that energy to Jam Cruise 20! Fun fact: a group of zebras can be called a “dazzle”. No one dazzles quite… Read More