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What travel documents do I need to board the ship?

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative allows U.S. citizens sailing on cruises that begin and end in the same U.S. port to travel with one of the following documents:

  • Valid U.S. Passport valid 6 months beyond Jam Cruise 21 dates
  • Passport Card
  • Original copy of a state issued Birth Certificate. If your Birth Certificate has footprints on it, it will not be accepted (these are hospital issued certificates) and government photo I.D.
  • If you are a recent U.S. citizen and have not yet received your U.S. Passport, you will need to bring your original Certificate of Naturalization.
  • Original Green Card (no copies)
  • If you are traveling on a Student Visa, you should not book Jam Cruise at the end of your Visa. If you are at the end of your Visa, you must provide written proof of employment or risk being left on shore!
  • * If you are not a U.S. Citizen, call U.S. Immigrations at 1-800-375-5283 for guidelines on acquiring the proper identification for your nationality.

Please note that the name on your ticket must match the name on your identification. If you are recently married or have undergone a name change, be sure to bring along supporting documentation. Contact the Travel Team to update the name on your reservation.

Failure to possess the required travel documents may prevent you from being able to travel; in such event, no refunds shall be provided to you.

If you have questions regarding your travel documents, you should contact Customs and Border Protection.

Pro Tip: Take a photo of your state issued Birth Certificate on your phone. It must be clearly legible & you must be able to see the borders so it looks like a copy when printed. This way if anything happens to your Passport, you will have a copy of your Birth Certificate.

Is airfare included in the trip cost?

  • No. All guests are responsible for booking their own airfare.

What airport should I fly into?

South Florida has a couple of airport options that are commutable to the Port of Miami.

  • Miami International Airport (MIA) is the closest airport

How far is PortMiami from the airports?

  • Miami Airport (MIA) is about 9 miles away (around 15-20 mins).
  • Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) is about 27 miles away (around 40 mins).
  • West Palm Beach Airport (PBI) is about 71 miles away (around 80+ mins).

When and where do we get on the ship?

  • Jam Cruise 21 departs from PortMiami located in Miami, FL
  • Check-in will begin at 11:00 AM EST on February 14th, 2025.
  • Check-in will close at 4:00 PM EST.
  • You MUST be on the ship no later than 4:00 PM EST or risk being denied boarding.
  • We set sail at 6:00 PM ESTNO EXCEPTIONS!

Members of my party are arriving later than me, can we board at different times?

  • Absolutely! Everyone checks in individually, so you can check in and board at separate times.

When and where do we get off the ship?

  • Jam Cruise 21 returns to PortMiami on February 19, 2025.
  • Disembarkation is scheduled to begin at 7:00 AM on February 19, 2025.
  • When booking a return flight out of Miami, MSC recommends choosing one that depart after 12:30 PM EST.
  • If flying from Fort Lauderdale, MSC recommends flights that take off after 1:30 PM EST.
  • Book at your own discretion – Jam Cruise LLC and MSC Cruise Line are not responsible for any missed flights.

What should I pack?

Passport • Sunglasses • Hat • Sunscreen & Aloe • Bug Spray • Reusable Bottle/Cup/Straw • Rain Gear • Warm Clothes • Swimsuit • Pool Float • Ear Plugs • Sea-Bands or Dramamine • Costumes for our Theme Nights!

What should I NOT pack?

  • No illegal substances, weapons, drones, or pets.
  • The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and all laws pertaining to drug use must be respected.

Can I bring my camera?

  • You may bring any kind of camera to the event to shoot your vacation; however, professional camera equipment for filming and photography during the shows is prohibited.
  • Drones are banned from the event.

Do I need an electrical converter?

  • No. All cabins have the same 120V plug-in as standard in the United States.

Do I need to bring cash?

  •  Purchases aboard will be made with your cruise card. If you would like to have cash for our port stops, packing a few dollars will save you time searching for an ATM at our port stops. Additionally for a fee, MSC Guest Services can disperse cash to you via charging the card on account.

What if I have accessibility needs?

  • If you need accommodations with specific ADA amenities in the cabin (toilet height, bed height, door widths, roll in shower, etc.), please reach out to our Accessibility Coordinator as far in advance as possible.
  • If you have mobility issues but do not need a roll in shower, please indicate your issue in your medical notes and reach out to the Accessibility Coordinator as far in advance as possible.
  • Please contact the Accessibility Coordinator with any questions or concerns.
  • Wheelchairs, scooters, and amphibious chairs (with larger tires that can traverse sand and are water friendly) can be rented and delivered to the port through Special Needs At Sea.

Are there any additional fees?

  • There is a $310 Port fee.
  • If you are utilizing the payment plan, there is $35 fee.
  • All taxes and fees are included at the time of booking, with exception of the potential fuel surcharge.

Potential Fuel Surcharge

  • MSC reserves the right to charge a fuel supplement charge in the instance that MSC implements such a charge fleet-wide.
  • The charge will not exceed US $30.00 per person, per day.
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